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  • Kate

The Creation Song (Acoustic)

A few years ago, Mark Edwards played me a chord sequence he'd written and we decided I would try and write a lyric with the small brief of ‘what God is like’... God knowing each one of us before He had even made the world and everything in it, His plan for salvation and the destiny of His entire creation.

We have a lot of stories about this song: children jumping up and dancing and worshipping when they hear it; people breaking into spontaneous celebration half way through it when we've played it live, including one young woman bursting into tears and giving her life to Jesus.

We are so grateful for these stories and many others, and also that people seem to keep returning to the video on YouTube. Miles and I have now made a new video of the acoustic version of the song. It's more detailed with nearly 100 pieces of beautiful footage!

It's been a labour of love to put this together and we really hope you enjoy it, and are inspired by this great story of God who is love, who knows you and loves you and who gave everything so you can know Him, too.


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