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  • Kate

Happy 21st Birthday!

As 2022 comes to a close, Miles and I realised that our song 'When I was lost' has turned 21 years old and we thought it would be nice to mark the occasion with a new video.

In February 2001, some kind friends lent us their home in England's Lake District for a holiday (thank you, Donna and Andy!) and while we were there, Miles was tinkering on the piano and came up with some chords. That inspired me to write the melody and lyrics which are based out of Psalm 40 and my own story of coming to faith. Then in early April, our church in Brighton was making a live worship album and this became its first ever recording.

Since then, we've been so encouraged to see this song appear on numerous albums, TV's Songs of Praise, be translated into and recorded in several languages, be recorded by the African Childrens' Choir and sung at the Royal Albert Hall. It has been both humbling and an honour to receive huge encouragement from Keith Getty about the gospel content of the song.

We have been continually blessed and amazed by the number of churches and individuals who have recorded their own arrangements for YouTube, including David Wesley and his amazing online choir. Thank you to everyone who has ever played, arranged, recorded and, most of all, worshipped with this little song. Here's to the next 21 years!


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