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  • Kate

Come To The Cross

“When I come to the cross, to the cross, to the cross

When I come to the cross where Jesus died

I remember the cost, O the cost, O the cost

Of the Perfect One who gave for me His life”


That’s the opening of our new song, ‘Come to the Cross’. It’s very simple, even a little old-school, like a simple hymn or the ‘choruses’ we used to sing back in the day. And that, to be honest, is exactly what we like about it. There is a stillness about the song that we hope invites you to take a moment to remember that when life is complex, even overwhelming, what better thing to do than to just ‘come to the cross’ and to our Saviour who brought us into a new life of unfading hope and peace that passes understanding.


It was a joy to write this song with my friends Geraldine Latty and Carey Luce and to record this with family and friends: the legendary Bill Risby on piano, Anna Virkler, Rachel Irving and Matthew Irving and our own Matt Simmonds as our choir, and Miles Simmonds on all things production.


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