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Verse 1
I gaze upon Your cross
With wonder I am lost
There I see amazing grace for me
No mind can comprehend
How far did God descend
To bring this soul to life and set me free?

Your cross has said it all
Your cross has said it all
And who could doubt Your love 

The cross reveals it now
The price for sin is paid
God’s declaration made
No condemnation now
Your cross has said it all

Verse 2
When sin condemns my soul
I look towards Your throne
There I find an advocate for me 

Christ stands in my defence
My hope, my righteousness
Jesus’ blood declares that I go free

No chains can keep me in the grave 

Your blood has made a way - it is finished!
No victory has been so great
Than on that glorious day You arose

Colin Webster and Kate Simmonds

Copyright © 2013 Colin Webster Songs / Simmonds Songs (Admin Song Solutions) CCLI No: 7012306

Your Cross Has Said It All


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