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Verse 1
When I think what my life would be
Without You being here with me
And all of the love, all of the joy You bring to me
In all the world, searching through and through 

I’d never find anyone like You
You are the love, You are the joy inside of me
And I love You so

Now there’s nothing that could ever 

Take the place of being near to You
And now no-one in the world
Can ever make me feel the way You do 

Write Your name across my heart 

Because forever it belongs to You
I love to be with You, want to please You 

Want to do the things You do

Verse 2
Sometimes love don’t turn out to be 

Everything we would choose or dream 

You showed me what love
Showed me what joy can really mean 

No-one knows me the way You do 

You’re the best friend I ever knew 

You taught me to love and now this love is truly real
Never let me go

Kate Simmonds and Mark Edwards

Copyright © 2002 Thankyou Music CCLI No: 3927735

To Be With You


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