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Verse 1
One day I heard You call my name
Became aware of someone searching for me
Calling into the crowd
There was something in Your voice
And I was drawn towards You
Wanting to see You, know who You are
I saw an open door, I went inside and was looking out 

Instead of being out, looking in

And I will follow You wherever You lead
And I will answer You whenever You call
Now that I’ve seen You 

There is nothing else that I can do 

There’s only You

Verse 2
I felt You take me by the hand
And lead me out of darkness
Out of the night and into the light
I was surprised I was so dirty
It was just as though I’d seen myself for the first time 

Then all my shame was gone
And everything I’ve ever done
And wished I’d never done was on You

Verse 3
Then You reached into my heart
And healed where I was hurting
Nurturing me so patiently
You piled me high with gifts of grace 

And peace and joy and love 

With open arms, You welcomed me in
And now I’m not my own
Forever I belong in Your family, with You

Kate Simmonds and Mark Edwards

Copyright © 2000 Simmonds Songs (Admin by Song Solutions / Little Room Music (Admin by IQ Music) CCLI No: 4036845

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