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Verse 1
How come I didn’t see You?
How could I have passed You by?
How did I live without You?
I’d been searching but You’d been here all the time 

No more living without reason, You put life into my life
I hurry to be near You
And with open arms You wait for me to come

And oh, come to me, blow Your love through me
Your love is my breath of life
Oh, lead me on, though I don’t know where we’ll go 

Your love will never leave me, I know

Verse 2
A lifetime’s inspiration is what You’ll be to me 

Sweet freedom as I’m placing
Everything that I am at Your feet
Oh yes, You’re my sweet lover
You’re more than my best friend
Your love will never leave me
I believe You that this love will never end

And now You’ve come into my life
Please, never go too far
And when I think it’s all there’s always more 

You’re like a river, a river of love

Kate Simmonds and Mark Edwards

Copyright © 2000 Simmonds Songs (Admin by Song Solutions / Little Room Music (Admin by IQ Music) CCLI No: 4035781

Lead Me On


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