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Verse 1
When Jesus shed His precious blood 

Mercy flowed from every vein
With love to welcome all who come 

With power to cancel every stain

Verse 2
The King of glory gave His life
As a servant He obeyed
The Father’s will was His delight 

His joy for those He came to save

Jesus Redeemer 

Saviour and Healer
My life was broken, You made it complete 

Here I would bow down

Laying down my crown 

Take up my cross and follow my King

Verse 3
There is an Anchor for my soul 

There is a Hope that never fades 

A path to walk a certain goal
He is the Truth, the Life, the Way

Verse 4
And as a seed falls to the ground 

Let me die to live again 

Surrendered to the Father’s will 

Trusting in Your higher ways

Colin Webster and Kate Simmonds

Copyright © 2015 Colin Webster Songs / Simmonds Songs (Admin Song Solutions) CCLI No: 7057562

Jesus Redeemer


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