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Verse 1
In every day that dawns
I see the light of Your splendour around me 

And everywhere I turn
I know the gift of Your favour upon me 

What can I do but give You glory, Lord? 

Everything good has come from You

And I’m grateful for the air I breathe
I’m so thankful for this life I live
For the mercies that You pour on me
And the blessings that meet every need 

And the grace that is changing me
From a hopeless case to a child that’s free 

Free to give You praise for in everything
I know You love me

Verse 2
Through all that I have known
I have been held in the shelter of Your hand
And as my life unfolds
You are revealing the wisdom of Your sovereign plan 

There are no shadows in Your faithfulness
There are no limits to Your love!

I know You love me

I know You love me

Kate Simmonds and Stuart Townend

Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music CCLI No: 3358146

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