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Verse 1
That weight on Your shoulders, so heavy to bear
In times of troubles know I’m here 

Lifting your burdens, give them to Me 

And I will comfort you

Verse 2
I know you’re hurting, lean on Me 

There isn’t one thing I can’t see 

Open your heart and let Me fill it with peace
And I will comfort you

Even in sorrow you can rejoice
His Word is light to guide you on your way 

Yes, if you believe 

You will receive His mighty love
Keep your eyes on Jesus

His love you can trust
His love is everlasting

Crown Him with your love

Verse 3
Don’t turn away, don’t close your heart 

You need Me most when times are hard 

Keep sight of My love, with faith and with trust
And I will comfort you

Kate Simmonds and Mark Edwards

Copyright © 2000 Simmonds Songs (Admin by Song Solutions / Little Room Music (Admin by IQ Music) CCLI No: 4035671

I Will Comfort You


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