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Verse 1
If this life’s just these few days 

Where, then, is our hope? 

Temporary things will fade
But what could worth more
Than to be called a friend of God? 

Jesus, lead me on

Verse 2
Holding lightly in my hands
Treasures made of gold
Help me mine a deeper seam:
Trust in God alone who
Loves to bless more than we can dream 

Jesus, be my peace

Now, no longer searching
Nothing else will make me more complete 

My life has found its meaning
My soul has found its peace

Verse 3
Finally I’ll run this race
Home into Your arms
Then I’ll see You face to face
Treasure of my heart, my soul
The goal You have forever called me to: 

Eternity with You

Kate Simmonds and Mark Edwards

Copyright © 2002 Thankyou Music CCLI No: 3923409

Home Into Your Arms


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