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Verse 1
Grace is not earned, nor deserved
It is a gift from God
Saved by Your mercy alone
Rescued by Your great love
Grace is the heart of the Father
Grace is the gift of the Son
Grace is the work of the Spirit
Revealing the wonder of an amazing God

Verse 2
You know how often I fail
And all that I can’t undo
Stains I’ve no means to erase
How can I stand before You?
Christ takes the cross on His shoulders 

Steadfast to Calvary’s hill
Leaving my sin in the grave
He rises, the conquering Son, such amazing love!

Verse 3
Raised by Your life, now in Christ 

Chosen and dearly loved
I am now seen through Your eyes 

Righteous through Jesus’ blood! 

Ransomed, restored and forgiven
My sins are remembered no more 

Though still I’ll stumble, You’ll keep me 

By grace I’ll continue on in unending love!

Oh the mercy, oh the mercy of our God, of our God 

Oh the mercy, oh the mercy of our God, of our God

Kate Simmonds

Copyright © 2010 Simmonds Songs (Admin by Song Solutions) CCLI No: 5971167

Grace Is Not Earned

"'Grace Is Not Earned' does a great job unpacking the meaning of grace in a Christian’s life. Several things I appreciate about this song. It makes us aware grace is the work of the Triune God. It has a singable and memorable melody. It references Christ crucified and risen (the means of grace) clearly. It loudly proclaims our freedom from sin, deliverance from condemnation, and acceptance
by the Father. Great song."

Bob Kauflin,

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