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Verse 1
Doesn’t the rainbow come after the rain?
Doesn’t it promise there is hope again?
When times are tough you feel you can’t get through 

He is working everything for good

Verse 2
You’re the One who hears my cry in the night 

You’re the One who wipes the tears from my eyes 

You hold me safe within the power of Your hand 

Only by Your grace I’m able to stand
The Lord is faithful, faithful God
The Lord is faithful, faithful God

Sometimes the rains will come
And the storms will bring you down
He knows things aren’t always the way 

You want them to be 

But if your feet are on the Rock
Know you stand on solid ground
Everything He’s started in you He will complete

Verse 3
You have spoken things I’ve held in my heart 

And as I walk with You, You’ll bring them to pass 

And I believe that all Your promises are true 

And everything You’ll say You’ll do, You will do

And in the valley, when troubles come
We are pressed on every side, but never crushed 

You are with us, mighty to save, You are able
You turn to me and You hear my cry
You put my feet on a Rock, a new song in my mouth 

And I will lift up my voice and praise You

Kate Simmonds and Mark Edwards

Copyright © 2000 Simmonds Songs (Admin by Song Solutions / Little Room Music (Admin by IQ Music) CCLI No: 4035176

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