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Verse 1
We want to build the house of God
We want to be all You’ve made us to be
To live as children of promise, to fulfil our destiny 

We want to be a house of mercy
To love the lost and the broken and poor

Increase our love for each other
And bless our unity, Lord

Verse 2
Train us to be a mighty army
Standing shoulder to shoulder, as one 

Filled with the power of Your Spirit 

Standing on the Word of God
We are a church of the nations
As we reach out to the ends of the earth 

Taking the light of Your gospel
Making disciples of Christ

Build Your house, O God 

Let Your will be done 

Build Your house, O God 

Let Your kingdom come

Verse 3
Lord, fill our lives with Your passion
And fill this house with the worship of God 

A fragrance lifted to heaven
An offering pleasing to You
Make this a gateway to heaven
Where the people come in and declare, 

“Surely God is among you,
Surely God is in this place!”

Kate Simmonds

Copyright © 2002 Thankyou Music CCLI No: 3927632

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