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  • Kate

New song: 'Tis the season

Christmas comes every year. Some of us like buying presents and putting up decorations early, some of us get there at the last minute. It can be a ridiculously busy time, with school concerts and end of year events, carol services, planning and cleaning and hosting and shopping and cooking. We often hear playing in the mall that it’s ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but it can be a stressful time financially, or a reminder that the fun, perfect, happy family times we see in so many Christmas movies don’t always reflect our actual family gatherings. It can also be a lonely time, remembering loved ones who are no longer with us.

‘Tis the season’ was written as a little reminder to look beyond the lights, the gifts, the food. It’s the moment in history when God Himself stepped into our world so He could meet us in our busyness, our stress, our loneliness, and in our joys as well. God knows and sees and hears you – He ‘runs toward the faintest prayer’. If you call on Him, He will answer.

It has been a huge privilege to have been joined on this song by some of Australia's finest musicians – Bill Risby on piano and Jonathan Zwartz on double bass – not to mention our own son, Matt Simmonds, on drums. It has been a real family affair with mixing by Miles Simmonds, and many thanks to Carey Luce for mastering.

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