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  • Kate

New song: The stone is rolled away

This song is a celebration of Easter, written with my good friend Colin Webster of Cornerstone Worship UK. This recording was a real joy to put together and I’m so grateful to Carla Jane and Stephen Chikazaza for singing with me, and thrilled to feature their considerable talents here, as well as those of the great Bill Risby on piano. I’m so grateful to my husband Miles for putting this all together.

If you are enjoying the videos on our YouTube channel, we would love you to subscribe if you’d like to (thanks to all who already have). With a few more YouTube subscribers we will be able to add a Community section to the channel, which is something we’re really keen to do. So if I can be cheeky and encourage you to subscribe on YouTube here, we’d be really grateful! Thanks so much for your support of the videos so far, it’s been a whole new creative world for us that we’re really enjoying, and there’s more new material on the way soon.


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