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New song: Glory Forever

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Does anyone remember the three-part song, 'Great is He'? Miles and I heard that song when we visited the revival in Pensacola and brought it back with us to England. It features on the Stoneleigh Bible Week album, 'Beautiful Saviour'. It was so exhilarating to hear people singing the three separate parts and then coming together to sing out our declaration that 'He is wonderful'!

Geraldine Latty, Carey Luce and I thought it would be fun to try and write another song in that style, and we have come up with 'Glory Forever' - another three-part song which also has the inclusion of a verse section which could be sung by a lead vocalist or by the whole congregation.

Take a listen in the Songs section - charts and sheet music are there, too. The recording features both Geraldine and Carey, and a choir from the London School of Theology. They said they had a lot of fun singing this and, if you try it out, we really hope you do, too.


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