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New Album: 'Christmas'

Geraldine Latty, Carey Luce and I started writing songs together during the COVID lockdowns and, many Zoom calls later, we're excited to now co-release an album! 'Christmas' is a collection of songs we really hope you'll enjoy and will be useful to you for your Christmas services.

New songs include two co-writes, 'Jesus our Saviour' and 'Come, this holy night'; 'God with us' by Geraldine and Carey; and the jazz-flavoured 'Tis the season' by me and Miles. There are also new duet versions of 'To us He came' and 'Joy', plus a portion of 'Long ago' which seemed to sum up the rest of the album as a kind of little epilogue.

'Christmas' is available on all major streaming platforms and our YouTube channels now. Lyrics, chord charts and lead sheets for the songs are available in the 'Songs' section here, and at


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