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  • Kate

Long Ago

As we reach December, it’s easy to feel like we’re getting into the ‘diary packing’ season of planning, shopping, decorating, gatherings, and all those rehearsals for Christmas carol events if you are musically inclined. Shopping malls can feel overwhelming, or we can feel financially pressured at the end of a challenging year. We can long to just ‘be still’.

And as we come to the end of 2022, priorities for the year to come are starting to form in our minds. They are already being shaped in mine, and in yours, too, I’m sure. The loss of friends, the health of loved ones, children becoming adults and finding their way in the world; all are reminders that this life on earth is short and we don’t want to have regrets about how we chose to spend our time.

Yes, this life is short but Jesus came so that we can live it to the full; the life that is to come is eternal and He offers us the opportunity of spending it with Him – in light, life, peace and everlasting joy. No more tears, no more sorrow. Joyous life forever because Jesus came and ‘lived this life, that life in Him we’d find’.

‘Long ago’ tells the Christmas story in a quiet, tender way. God came because He loves us. If you need a moment to ‘be still’, to stop and look up, to remember what this time of year is really all about, then I really hope this is helpful. Thanks to Bill Risby, Geraldine Latty, Miles Simmonds and Carey Luce for helping me record this track. I really hope you enjoy it.


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